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The Strikes May Be Over,

The Emergency Is Not

This winter, the film, TV, and cinema industry is facing an emergency

Even though they have come to an end, the impact of the US strikes will be felt for some time to come, conspiring with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and a downturn in production across the wider industry to create a perfect storm. Thousands of industry workers have found themselves out of work this year and, with continuing uncertainty across the film, TV, and cinema sector, they need your help now more than ever. 

In the 100 years since the Film and TV Charity was set up to support people working behind the scenes, things have rarely, if ever, been this bad and we are struggling to keep up with the demand for our support.

That’s why we desperately need your donations.

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Image of a boom operator holding a mic pole. Overlaying text reads: We've seen an 800% increase in demand for our Stop-Gap Grants in 2023.

Our research shows that many people in the industry have little or no savings. And over half of those working behind the scenes are freelancers, meaning many also don’t have access to employer support.

As a result, we’ve seen:

  • An unprecedented 800% increase in demand for our Stop-Gap Grants over the summer, helping people to cover rent or mortgage payments, energy or food bills.
  • A 140% increase in calls to our Support Line about money worries.
  • In September alone, we gave out more than £250,000 to people across the industry who desperately needed help.
Our support can transform lives

As well as providing relief and comfort when things can seem hopeless, 96% of people who received a Stop-Gap Grant reported an improvement in their mental health. We can’t continue to provide support at this pace without your help.

Please don’t think that because the strikes are over, all the problems people are facing have been solved.  

Your donations will help us reach more people in need. They’ll also help us to support the mental health of people in our industry, fund our free, confidential Film and TV Support Line, and provide other tools and resources to help make work better.

“In an industry where we give the most and sacrifice a lot, with unfortunately not much protection or support, the Film and TV Charity is essential.”

Vaiva, Beneficiary

Please donate today if you can

We understand that a donation in the current climate is a big ask but we desperately need your help.

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